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Broadmoor Fireworks Sample Email




Dear Fire Chief Royal,

On December 23rd, 2021 at around 6:50pm, the Broadmoor Hotel launched a fireworks show in our high risk, WUI.  Many neighbors immediately complained about the extreme fire risk this posed to our public safety.  As you are well aware, the Blodgett Peak fire had just been suppressed by out US Forest Service led team.  During the press conferences, leadership noted there were no plans in place for fires at this time of year nor an understanding of resources available.  Given all these recent events, who approved the Broadmoor Resort fireworks show on 12/23/2021?  Neighbors were informed that the fire marshal was present.  So, we assume that was Fire Marshal Brett Lacey which would mean the city sanctioned this?  Was this your decision? 

Additionally, your website has not been updated since September 13th, 2021.  As we learned in the last week, and as former Fire Lieutenant and Fire Association President Dave Noblitt warned in his 11/22/2021 presentation to City Council on fire planning and evacuation concerns, there is no "fire season" anymore as it's year-round.  How prescient Mr. Noblitt was.  The conditions say moderate currently.  Do you think given what just happened on Blodgett Peak and the fact that we haven't had any moisture of any sort for weeks that this is an accurate description?

Cheyenne area residents are very alarmed by these events and would like to hear answers from you.  Our public safety should be of paramount concern to all of our leaders, and we trust you agree.


We are so grateful for the brave, capable fire-fighters who risk their lives trying to stop these fires -- a fireworks show to delight a few rich, out-of-town guests hardly seems worth the risk to both their lives, the firefighters lives and the taxpaying residents who fund this city. 



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