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Cheyenne Road/Blvd Reconfiguration Feedback
(Feedback Form Below)

Cheyenne Blvd & Cheyenne Rd Reconfigurations.  Send in your feedback.  It's important.  This is how they substantiate their plans - and, often, it's based on input from only a handful of people who show up to these meetings.


The meeting was not very helpful with little to no detail about these plans.  Basically, citizens were asked to go look at the concepts and fill out a form that was targeted towards getting answers to support these plans.  There was nothing about widening or adding roads for evacuation egress.  The plan is to narrow roads lanes to be able to add bike lanes. Tourism - it's all about the tourism (the e-bike push which has been growing and threatens our open space hiking).  PPRTA-3 has a traffic circle in the concept at Cheyenne Rd & 8th Street.  Traffic circles slow traffic and pose hazards in fires.  Concept boards were staged around the room and residents could go look and offer feedback via a form (below in Word or PDF format) which you should fill out and email to Ryan Phipps and Todd Frisbie copying us/press for transparency (emails below). 


The Cheyenne roads (Cheyenne Road/Cheyenne Blvd) are 2 of the only 3 west-east egresses out of the Cheyenne area. As a reminder, world evacuation experts testified before City Council in November of 2021 that all the Cheyennes (including West Cheyenne Mountain Blvd) are a problem in an evacuation producing clearance times in the 8 hours range. Additionally, the 2010 Custom Evacuation study showed level of service failure on 24 and I25 during an evacuation -- and that was prior to all this development which includes: expanding the Broadmoor hotel, the Broadmoor Convention Center expansion (a biggie), the zoo expansion, 7 Falls expansion, increase in bridge capacity for North Cheyenne Canyon to accommodate more buses due to the increase in tourism, the Creekwalk and high traffic new businesses on Nevada and the Gold Hill Mesa expansions and other infill apartments plus the plans to build a "mini-downtown" at 24 and I25 where we already have problems. On top of all this, Westside Watch attended the PPRTA-3 tax, a billion tax co-chaired by Mr. & Mrs. Williams (lotta issues with that dynamic) that sets our road budget and plans through 2034. There were no Cheyenne area additions or expansions -- and we haven't had any in the last 18 years. Naturally, this attempt to narrow roads and add bike lanes is troubling, and we encourage everyone to fill out the form and voice concerns about the total lack of evacuation planning regarding our road infrastructure.  


The form can be emailed to Ryan Phipps and Todd Frisbie: 




We encourage all residents to ask for widening of our roads (adding lanes) and taking out circles which slow traffic, especially the Bean-about at Cheyenne Blvd and Tejon which is backing up traffic in normal conditions.


Download Feedback Form As A Word Document
Download Feedback Form As A PDF
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