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Many of you may recall the meetings at CMJH to gather feedback for the Cheyenne Road and Cheyenne Blvd "study" which we believe is really a pre-planned reconfiguration for tourism.  The first meeting was held at CMJH on August 16th, 2022 and was communicated as exploratory; however, they had stations with diagrams and a very clear sense of what they intended to do. You will also recall that almost no one got notice of that meeting.  The next meeting was in April of 2023 to show us what they plan to do, essentially what they communicated initially.  This is the way these games are played.  Since then, we are no longer getting notices for feedback though many of us are providing it anyways on, for example, the bike lane poles ("delineators) put up at the CMJH which we were initially told were because the school decided to remove the crosswalk and attending on the north side of the Junior High when, in reality it was the City.  Many parents and citizens have expressed concerns about the public safety impact as children at this age are not as aware of when to cross and get distracted by their friends, and we have seen them jay-walking and car having to slam on their brakes when the dart out at the wrong time as the cars are distracted by the poles trying to navigate the narrowing of the lanes.  We provided this video as one example (correspondence attached below) 

Recently, the City added the pole mazes ("more delineators") in sets of two at Cheyenne Blvd and Woodburn and Cheyenne Blvd and Ramona.  Many people immediately complained about that immediately as well sharing a video of the pole maze at Woodburn and Cheyenne Blvd and the pole maze at Ramona and Cheyenne Blvd.  The explanation this time was that residents had asked for the pop-outs, but it appears from Ivywild Improvement Society who is a CON-O affiliate and supporter (i.e. remember CON-O is an funded by the City and acts as an agent of the City) that this is really about the "Master Plan".  That's always a sign of the source when "Master Plan" is part of the argument for development and change.  Cars driving westboud on St Elmo are now forced to drive into oncoming traffic to cross onto Cheyenne Blvd.  On Monday, 10/17/2023, when the Beanabout was under construction and roads were closed, residents noted streams of cars doing a u-turn in between the pole maze at Woodburn and Cheyenne Blvd to go east onto St Elmo.  

The most tragic news is there was a fatal accident of a youth on what appears to be a scooter and a car over the weekend at the pole maze at Woodburn and Cheyenne Blvd.  Press reported that there was no CSPD report on Monday which is also odd.  We are gathering more information, but this is exactly the fear with these poles. They are a distraction and confusing to motorists.



Here are the updated diagrams for the "Delineator" Study to try and justify road "pop-outs" at Woodburn and Cheyenne Blvd and Ramona and Cheyenne Blvd.  We have objected to these since they were initially proposed because they narrow the road and cause not only daily traffic back-up, but more importantly, evacuation failures.  Residents in Paradise, CA objected to these pop-outs because of evacuation concerns and filed a lawsuit over them after so many people were trapped in gridlock traffic trying to escape.  We are making all the same mistakes that were made in the Paradise fire -- and our leadership has been informed by world experts yet they continue to allow the developers to thwart using the science of evacuation modeling.  So, it's on us to speak-up.  Emails are like votes to politicians - the more they get, the more likely they are to listen.  It's also important you copy us and the media so there is transparency.  We will provide a sample email below.

unnamed (2).png
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Cheyenne Blvd & Lorraine Street

Cheyenne Blvd & Woodburn St

Sample Email

To make this easy, we provide a sample email people can copy/paste and send.  We encourage you to write your own or add thoughts to the basic email we provide.  It is important to copy us and the press who wants and needs to hear from us so they will cover this story.




Subject:  Delineator Study & Planned Pop-outs

Dear Mr. Frisbie and Mr. Phipps,

The bike lane delineators on Cheyenne Blvd north of Cheyenne Mountain Junior High and the removal of the crosswalk and attendant have created dangerous distractions and congested conditions due to narrowing of the road.  Children are darting across the street unattended as motorist are distracted by the poles and having to maneuver their cars which get misaligned at the light.  Please remove these life threatening road hazards and replace the crosswalk.  It's only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

Similarly, the two sets of delineator poles installed at Cheyenne Blvd & Woodburn and Cheyenne Blvd and Ramona are not only distracting motorists, they are forcing cars going west bound on St Elmo to drive into oncoming traffic at the Woodburn and Cheyenne Blvd intersection.  The accident involving what appears to be a motorcycle or scooter and car at that location is heart-wrenching.  These are not safe and should be removed immediately.  Drivers are getting distracted and confused which is causing chaos.

Lastly, I oppose the pop-outs and all changes which narrow the road causing daily traffic to back up, and, especially, evacuation traffic.  Citizens objected to pop-outs in Paradise for the same reasons.  We are already living in non-survivable evacuation routes which have been worsened by the Beanabout at Tejon where trucks routinely get stuck.  That Beanabout needs to be removed.

We keep asking the City to stop over-building as you narrow our roads.  We are making all the same mistakes Paradise made, and everyone knows it.  Our public safety is your primary duty.

Thank you,


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